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Download-Flow Программы Master Effektov v5.0 Final (2012 Eng)PC

Скачать Master Effektov v5.0 Final (2012 Eng)PC бесплатно

Категория: Программы

Master Effektov v5.0 Final (2012 Eng)PC

Master-effects - program is intended to enable us to process photos using various filters. It includes more than fifty effects, which include in itself as original, and traditional.

After tracking Your photos you can see them on the background of rain or snow, in fog and the clouds, add sunlight or swirl flow in a Typhoon. As in any graphic editor, before applying effects You can adjust the brightness and contrast of photos, adjust colors, resize or crop. And after the treatment you can easily add any inscription on the photo.

Effects you can easily combine to create truly fantastic compositions. Selected filters can be applied to the entire image and to its individual sections, highlighting the most important part of the photo. Master effects will help to decorate your home photo album, website and will even allow you to create an original greeting card. Master effects can not only maintain, but also take pictures. It contains more than 100 frames and masks that will decorate portraits, landscapes or ordinary story pictures. Effects can be applied both before and after the clearance of image. Combination of effects and the framing is one of the most important functions of the program. For example, You can impose a classic frame, and then, with the help of lighting effects, add realistic sunlight of her path.

Name: Master Effektov v5.0 Final (2012 Eng)PC
Treatment: present
OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Tongue: english
Year publications: 2014/2013

Скачать Master Effektov v5.0 Final (2012 Eng)PC

Скачать Master Effektov v5.0 Final (2012 Eng)PC




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